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       A Community Discovering our Soul's Journey

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About AOS

All One Spirit was conceived in 2000.  She was officially born in 2001 when she was registered with the State of Wisconsin as a limited liability corporation. She has been growing and developing ever since.  She lived at home for 15 years, but has since moved out and spread her wings.  She is now located in Elkhorn, WI, and serves all of Southeastern Wisconsin.  Communities surrounding Elkhorn include East Troy, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Williams Bay, Mukwonago, Delavan, and Waukesha.

Hello, I AM Laurie Dionne Asbeck.  I have always been an Energy Light Worker though I didn't fully embrace it until I was attuned to Reiki Energy Healing in 1994.  Until then, I had moments of connection, but mostly I struggled to feel like I belonged.  I have since realized my dream: to provide Healing Energy in my community!  As you've read above, I've held this dream and envisioned it's fruition for many years.   Now, however, I venture out into Elkhorn and invite you to become an active participant in All One Spirit.

My Vision and Mission Statement

To provide a place where Love and Kindness

Along with various forms of Healing Energy

Is available to all who want it.  

  • My qualifications: Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotist, Universal Life Church Ordained All Faiths Celebrant, and Home Funeral Guide.   There are additional techniques, skills, arts, spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric practices I provide as well. 

It is important to me to offer services that are affordable.  I look at energy work as vital nutrition.  It is as important to our well-being as breathing. Some may think of this type of nourishment as something that isn't as necessary in their life so they don't make it a priority. They are content to dabble in it, offering lip service instead of doing the foot work required in creating a fulfilled life.  Once experienced on a regular basis, they are quick to discover the necessity of consistent energy work.

All One Spirit offers Reiki Sessions and Classes, Meditation Classes and Circles, Essential Oils, and other spirit-supporting items.  Additionally, we offer a Healing Tree - a group of people committed to sending healing energy to those in need.  If you know someone in need, please let me know.  We have many options to provide them with practices that will help them in their soul's journey.

If you've noticed, I refer to "we" when I describe All One Spirit.  I do so because I am not alone.  I work closely with other Energy and Health Practitioners.  Together we offer services that support and grow our communities.  See the links page for sites to services that are in some way connected (directly or indirectly) to All One Spirit.

  • As an Ordained Celebrant from the Universal Life Church (2002), I have, over the years, performed marriage, end of life, and naming ceremonies. 
  • As a Certified Hypnotist (2005), I offer HypnoHealth sessions individually designed to help you reach your goal.  I have successfully treated clients for smoking cessation, improved focus and study habits, and general well-being.  
  • I studied with Final Passages to become a home funeral guide.  Just as people choose to leave a hospital in their final days of life to return to the comfort of their home to die, staying at home for the final good-bye is a natural transition.  In addition to providing meaningful closure, a home funeral and natural burial is a way to give back to Mother Earth.  Informational programs about home funerals and natural burials will be coming soon.

We provide a space that is warm, inviting, and open.  It is our goal to make people feel welcome to share conversation, ideas, practices.  

All One Spirit LLC

Now at

City Square Wellness Center

11-1/2  North Wisconsin Street (2nd floor*)

Elkhorn, WI 53121


*Above Rockwell Salon. Use Stairs or Elevator.

 Laurie Dionne Asbeck, RMT, CH

All Faiths Celebrant

Home Funeral Guide


Serving Southeastern Wisconsin