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Healing Tree


Healing Tree

Requests for Healing

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How to Send Healing

     (A beginners guide)

Healing Tree is a free service offered by caring people throughout the world.  If you or someone you know needs extra support, healing, or prayers, the Healing Tree Healers are here for you!  

If you are an Energy Light Worker,  Healer,  or Spiritual Being willing to commit to sending positive, loving energy daily to those in need, then please join the Healing Tree Healers.  It only takes a few moments and is a commitment offered in Love.

While we do this because we genuinely care, when we take time daily to  start and/or end our day with conscious connection, all sorts of amazing things happens. People who freely offer this gift report that they feel better, are kinder, more patient, and happier.  What we put out comes back to us ten-fold.

Start and end your day thinking of our earth and all those living on this planet - human and otherwise.  Then narrow your focus to those needing help from our Healing Tree list.  From there, think about those close to you.  Finally, think about you and the day ahead, or if doing this in the evening, the day you had.  Fill your spirit with the feeling of Gratitude.  That's it!  Pretty easy!

Requests for Healing:  

Select the "Contact Us" button and indicate that you have a Healing Request.  Or, send an email to us at: . Include the following information:

  • Your name and email address
  • Indicate you have a Healing Request
  • Provide the details of your request:  
    • Identify person, place, thing, situation, etc. Note:  First name is sufficient, or full name is acceptable also
    • General location, if applicable
    • Healing request - you may be as vague or specific as you need or want to be.  General information such as age, gender, or specifics such as medical condition, etc. helps.  
    • Your contact information will remain Confidential.  All requests will be from Healing Tree.  If you are requesting for another, your name will be mentioned (first name only) unless you specify otherwise.
    • If I have any questions, I will contact you for more information prior to sending out your request, otherwise your request will be sent out as submitted.
    • Note that all healing is sent with the intention that it occurs "as it is for the Highest Good".  We do not command specific outcomes, as we may not know what is for the Highest Good for the person in need.  We will honor your vision and outcome for the situation, however, we will ask for the highest good.

To Join as a Healer:  

Select the "Contact Us" button and indicate that you are interested in joining the Healing Tree Healers.  Include the following information:

  • Your name and email address
  • Indicate you are joining the Healing Tree Healers
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them
  • NOTE:  You will begin to receive healing requests from the following email address:  Please be sure to add it to your "accepted" list so it doesn't end up in your junk mail box.  
  • If you know of any healers that would be interested in joining the Healing Tree Healers, please have them contact us.
  • If you are not a trained healer or energy worker but have an interest in sending healing energy to others, please see the "How to Send Healing Energy" section below.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How To Send Healing Energy:  

Healing Tree  is a group of caring energy healers who have made a commitment to send daily healing to those in need.  While many are formally trained in distance healing techniques and will follow that process, anyone who is called to participate in sending healing energy is welcome to join the Healing Tree as a healer.  This “how to send healing” is written for those who have not had formal training and would like some guidance on how to send healing energy.  This process only takes a few minutes.

Sending Healing Energy is an easy yet very powerful way to spread love, support and healing to each other.  We believe, as do millions of us around the world, that we are all connected; that separation is an illusion.  One of the most effective ways to honor our connection is to send healing energy to our planet, world leaders, and everyone everywhere, especially those in need.

There are many techniques to sending healing energy and as you work with the basic one described below, you will find your own meaningful style that enriches the experience. It only takes a few minutes a day to provide this service.

The foundation of healing energy stems from the belief that thoughts are things and have their own vibration and energy.  Because thoughts are things, every thought we have is added to the unseen energy that is our world.  You may notice that some days, for no apparent reason, you have a feeling of being “happy” or “sad”.  This can be attributed to picking up the flow of energy around you in which someone (or many) may be having a really positive or negative experience.  This is the premise from which we send healing energy.

It is important to know that healing can do no harm – ever. You cannot do it wrong…or in other words, it is always effective and a healing always occurs!  No matter what.  We may not be aware of the healing because it is subtle and occurs not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.   Intention and gratitude play a huge role in healing.  If your intention is to send loving healing, but a negative thought pops in there, the universe will transmute it to a loving healing thought, if you but ask. Then bring your thoughts back to positive, healing thoughts.  Your intention is a key component.

  • When a healing request is received, you will receive an email from  Please read it over to familiarize yourself with the situation.  Write down pertinent information on a sheet of paper, or you could print out the request.  Every morning and/or evening, gather your requests.
  • In a quiet setting, take a few calming, relaxing breaths to center yourself and help connect to Universal Energy.  Invite any Master Teachers, Guides, Angels, etc. that you work with and ask them to assist you in today's healing. If you are not familiar with who to invite in some suggestions might be Archangel Michael, Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Mohammad, Mother Mary, St. Francis, St. Germaine, or any entities you are drawn to.
  • Take three deep breaths and on the third exhale, imagine a healing vortex bubble is being formed.  This vortex bubble will be where you place all your healing thoughts and will be the vehicle in which the Masters will assist in sending and delivering to all people, places, things, situations, etc. you place in the bubble.
  • Begin thinking of the planet, atmosphere, climate.  Think about the all living entities: rocks and gems, trees and plants, water and marine life, insects and animals.  Do this in a general way.  See all these things as alive and thriving, provided with everything they need to flourish, grow, expand, etc.  Place this healing "vision" in the bubble.
  • Think about all humans in need of food, water, medical care, shelter, clothing, etc. Do this in a general way.  Envision all these people with their needs met, happy and healthy.  Please all people in the bubble.
  • Refer to your list of Healing Tree Healing requests. Invite their Guides and Teachers that need to or want to assist in their healing be present at this time. Name the person, their need.  State an outcome of healing for their Highest Good.  See this person happy, healthy, whole.  Place them in the bubble.
  • Do this for each person, place, situation, etc. See the need and see it resolved - always stating that all healings occur for the Highest Good of that person.  Place them in the bubble.
  • Think about people you know that might have a need.  State their name, need and see it resolved as it is for the Highest Good.  Place them in the bubble.
  • Think about you and your day ahead.  Place any tasks, meetings, etc. in the bubble, envisioning a positive outcome and asking for the result that is for the highest good.
  • If you are doing this in the evening, think about the day you had.  Consider what went well and what you would like to improve upon or let go of.  Place these in the bubble asking for the Highest Good.
  • Take a moment and get in touch with your Gratitude.  Think about a few things you are grateful for and place those positive feelings of gratitude into the bubble.
  • Take three deep breaths and on the third breath, blow the bubble out into the Universe, knowing that the guides and teachers you called in will direct the energy where it needs to go.
  • Thank all the Guides and Teachers for their presence and facilitating these healings.
  • Take in a final breath to seal the wonderful, positive, and healthy feelings you have.

All of this only takes a few minutes, depending on how many people you add to the bubble.  You will become more proficient at this as you work with it daily.  It is truly worth the time and effort because, while your intention is to help others, you will gain so many positive results for your efforts!

I hope you find this helpful.  This is meant to be a guideline only.  You may read or hear of other methods that feel more suited to you; or as you work with sending healing you may be guided to something that is more meaningful and effective for you.  Trust.  It can do no harm; only love, light and healing will be sent.  Please feel free tocontact me if you have any questions.

May all that is yours in love and light be delivered unto you this day.  Namaste.

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