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Reiki (Ray-Key), Universal Life Energy:  Reiki is a Japanese form of healing. The practice of Reiki focuses this Energy through the hands of the practitioner, directing it to the receiver.  The concentrated flow of energy accelerates the balancing of body, mind, and spirit, thus allowing the body to harmonize and heal itself. Reiki is intelligent, boundless energy and transforms lives. It does this by meeting you where you are and gently moving you forward on your soul's path. It bolsters our strengths and supports us while moving through pain and fear.  It allows us to be comfortable with ourselves at each stage of our journey.

Reiki is both spiritual and scientific and does not contradict any beliefs you have.  It simply allows the body to heal physical and emotional disorders.  Universal Life Energy opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease and pain, the necessity for taking responsibility for one's life, and the joys of balanced wellness. An intelligent energy, Reiki knows exactly where to go in the body and how much is required.  Trusting Reiki removes the fear of human error because Reiki can do no harm.   

Healing methods involving the use of subtle energy have existed throughout time.  While this can be done anywhere at any time, All One Spirit offers a quiet space to relax so you can fully appreciate the process.  A healing will always occur whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual and whether or not you are consciously aware of it.

About Practitioners: The ancient Reiki Attunements are still practiced today.  They open the door to a deepening connection with self and spirit.  They offer the gift of light and grace.  Attunements offer the simplicity of truth and the magic and mystery of life so powerful it inspires awe and so gentle it feels like unconditional love.

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner is easy and affordable.  Reiki is a simple and natural way to offer universal life energy to yourself or another.  It is also a powerful way to support all life-including plants and animals. All you need is willingness and the desire to learn.

There are three levels of Reiki.

Reiki I:  An attunement is received which awakens the natural healing channels within. You will learn to give yourself and others Reiki.  Reiki I opens the door to deep experiences, often bringing about transformation, increased intuition and accelerated personal growth.  By giving yourself Reiki every day, your soul's journey is supported and enhanced.  People who do this report feeling calmer, stronger, more focused, kinder, gentler, happier, and healthier.  And these are just a few adjectives used to describe the benefit of daily Reiki!  Additionally, you are able to treat others, helping family and friends manage and heal themselves.  And don't forget about pets and plants - they love the warm energy that flows from your hands too!

First Degree Reiki balances the physical body, awakens the mind to the cause of dis-ease, and enlivens the spirit's forward journey.  The harmonizing of these three aspects results in a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life.

Reiki II:  This attunement connects your energy to three symbols used by Mikao Usui, founder of the Usui System of Reiki Healing. It  opens a deeper energetic channel, bringing harmony to the mind and emotions.  This offers an opportunity for profound shifts in a person's life and awareness.    Further, it teaches healing through space and time, allowing us to deliver Reiki when and where it is needed, even if we are not there physically.  Other techniques, such as energy shielding, the importance of the mantra (sound) and yantra (symbols) vibration, and Tibetan techniques to aid in clearing and scanning the energy fields, enhancing the Reiki treatment. 

Second Degree Reiki unites the body and the mind, harmonizing our emotions to work with our body, leading us to wellness.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Reiki III (Master):  After the deep shifts from Reiki II, people often want to further their Reiki training.  

Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki III are often taught together, but may be taught separately.  ART delves deeper into distance healing and world peace meditations.  It uses tools such as crystals, crystal grids, peace mandalas, and other tools to enhance our knowledge and experience with Energy work.  It opens us so that when we add the Master energy, we have a deeper understanding of this powerful energy.

A Reiki Master/Teacher is able to initiate and open up the healing channels in others. Each process is very individual and so is the timing of the level training.  Reiki III is a journey into our spiritual world and is a step that requires preparation and respect.  We review our beliefs and identify blocks. We consider our life's purpose - our soul's journey.  A Master makes a life-long commitment to grow and learn, and if desired, to teach others how to facilitate healing.  Because we continue to grow and learn, we never really master Reiki.  Reiki III offers deep spiritual connection, allowing this soul-nurturing energy to shift, grow, and develop along with us.  It presents a life-long journey filled with an abundance of joy and peace.  It expands our awareness leading us to limitless possibility and opportunity.

Choosing  a Teacher:  There are many types and branches of Reiki. Reiki can do no harm, therefore, find the path, the branch and the teacher that feels right for you.  In looking, be honest with yourself, true to your belief system, and trust in the process.  Reiki is a form of unconditional love and a sincere Reiki Master who teaches will offer you pure Reiki, no matter what branch it is.  So, ask questions, talk open and freely with a prospective teacher and determine if they are the right one for you.

My ReikiCredentials: I have been practicing Reiki since 1994.  I became a Master and Teacher in 2002.  I studied Reiki I and II through The Reiki Alliance.  My Mastership was through two Independent Reiki Masters each offering different aspects.  I also have ART/Master training for Holy Fire II Reiki taught by William Lee Rand from the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), of which I am a current member.   I have attuned students to all levels, and have facilitated Reiki Shares and Energy Gatherings since 1994. I utilize the body's Chakras, endocrine, and nervous systems. They receive Reiki allowing physical balance to be achieved.  I also work with the Emotional and Spiritual bodies to enable deep healing at all levels. This allows receivers to experience deep relaxation, peace of mind, personal and life-altering insights and healing. Reiki can do no harm and we will receive what we need for our greatest good.

I believe that every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher.  I believe that we grow and change and as such, you may start your Reiki journey with one teacher and end with a different one.  If you start with me and grow in a direction that no longer suites you (or me), I will support and encourage you to follow your journey.  And if you studied with a different teacher before me, I will honor and respect your teachings.  I believe that there is room for all Reiki Practitioners and all Energy Workers in our community and that we are not in competition with one another.  Instead, we are a community of people coming together for the greatest good, supporting one another as needed.  I believe there is always enough to spare and enough to share.

Energy Shares:  Practitioners of all healing modalities are welcome! Following a healing meditation, we briefly discuss or focus on a technique and address any questions new practitioners may have.  We then work on each other, giving and receiving a treatment.  Length of sessions vary, depending on the number of attendees.  We meet the first Sunday of every month at 9:30 AM.






60 Minute Session:  $65.00

90 Minute Session:  $95.00

Classes:  Reiki I - $150.00.  Reiki II - $250.00.  Reiki III Master Holy Fire II Reiki -  $500.00

Energy Shares (Practitioners):  $5.00 (goes to Knead it or Knot Theraputic Massage, LLC for use of the space)

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